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About Circle

Circle is a global financial technology firm that enables businesses of all sizes to harness the power of stablecoins and public blockchains for payments, commerce and financial applications worldwide. Circle's platform has supported over 100 million transactions worth tens of billions of dollars, with nearly 10 million retail customers, over a thousand businesses, while storing and securing more than $5 billion in digital currency assets. Circle's USDC is the fastest growing full-reserve stablecoin in the world, with 2.3 Billion in circulation.

How Circle is Using Algorand

Algorand will be the first blockchain with a stablecoin implementation based on that framework that is Powered by USDC. This will allow people to easily move funds between traditional banks and card networks to digital dollars on the Algorand blockchain. Algorand is helping Circle and USDC create a foundation for developing a wide range of scalable, secure and compliant financial applications. Algorand also brings unparalleled speed with low transaction fees needed to power Stablecoins.

Centre Consortium Announces Algorand as an Official Chain for USDC, Launches on Mainnet - Sep 9, 2020

The Money Movement: Algorand Partnership

Algorand CEO Steve Kokinos and Jeremy discuss the Centre, Circle and Algorand partnership

The Money Movement: USDC Meets Algorand

Algorand founder, Turing Award winner, and MIT professor, Silvio Micali, shares his thoughts on the state of the Algorand blockchain the major innovations coming down the road, including the implications for the use of USDC. Algorand CEO, Steve Kokinos, discusses the incredible trajectory of the organization, the fast-growing global community, and industry and use-case priorities as we round out 2020.

Latest News

Sep 9, 2020

Circle Rolls Out Circle Platform Support for USDC on Algorand Blockchain

Sep 9, 2020

USDC now capable of 1000 transactions per second with near-zero fees

Sep 9, 2020

Amid Stablecoin Boom, Coinbase's USDC Expands to Algorand

Sep 9, 2020
The Block

Centre's USDC coin is now supported by Algorand in addition to Ethereum

Sep 9, 2020
Crowdfund Insider

USDC Now on Algorand Bringing “Major Scalability and Performance Improvements

USD Coin Comes to Algorand; Centre Announces Multi-Chain Framework - June 24, 2020

Explore More Use Cases

Marshall Islands

Algorand was selected to power the first national digital currency, known as the SOV, which will circulate alongside the US dollar and help the Marshall Islands efficiently operate in the global economy.


Tether leverages blockchain technology to allow users to store, send and receive stablecoins. USDT is the most widely traded cryptocurrency in terms of transaction volume, and has the third largest market cap of all cryptocurrencies.


Monerium is a financial technology company with the mission of making digital currency accessible, secure, and simple to transact. Monerium is the world's first company authorized to issue regulated e-money on blockchains.