Global Carbon Holding

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About Global Carbon Holding

Global Carbon Holding uses blockchain technology to tokenize Carbon Credit assets in Asia and support a global, transparent marketplace to purchase certified carbon offsets, with the highest levels of quality and provenance. GCH holds certified carbon credits, which are registered with internationally recognized entities, and guaranteed by the individual tokens generated by the blockchain. The global Carbon Credit market surpassed a trading volume of 144 Billion Euros last year, and the number of credit offsets being sold continues to grow at an exponential rate. GCH is committed to developing Carbon Credit projects around the world and the renewable energy investments space as a whole.

How Global Carbon Holding is using Algorand

Utilizing the transparency and immutability of Algorand's innovative public blockchain, organizations who purchase Carbon Credits through Global Carbon Holding's digital marketplace will be able to do so with confidence and trust in the provenance of the assets they use. Algorand's blockchain technology powers on-chain transparency of these new Carbon Offset tokens to facilitate easier price discovery and a fairer market for asset providers and Carbon Offset token purchasers. The security, finality, and transparency of the Algorand blockchain will provide Global Carbon Holding's institutional investors with the assurance that they demand from Carbon Credit marketplaces.

Global Carbon Holding partners with the Algorand Foundation to leverage blockchain technology and bring greater transparency and trust to the global Carbon Credits ecosystem

Latest News

Jan 13, 2021

GCH cooperates with Algorand Foundation to enhance transparency and credibility for the global carbon credit ecosystem

Jan 14, 2021

Global Carbon Holding to build Carbon Credit platform on Algorand

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