About PlanetWatch

PlanetWatch is the first blockchain company to join the spin-off partnership program by CERN, the largest fundamental physics laboratory in the world, in a continued effort to improve global air quality monitoring and thus contribute to solving the public health challenge of air pollution affecting millions. PlanetWatch has developed and deployed a global network of low-cost air quality sensors and environmentally conscious organizations and individuals who install air quality sensors, with the aim of validating, filtering, and displaying data on the Internet and through a mobile application in real-time. The monitoring network is delivering real-time data and is the first global immutable ledger for historical air quality data.

How PlanetWatch is using Algorand

Planetwatch is leveraging Algorand's speed and scale for the world's first distributed ledger for air quality sensors on an environmentally-friendly blockchain network. By leveraging the Algorand blockchain, advanced data acquisition software developed at CERN and high-performance yet affordable air quality sensors developed by a major research institute, Planetwatch decentralizes, incentivizes and gamifies air quality monitoring. The data collected by PlanetWatch air sensors are transcribed onto Algorand to create an immutable air quality repository accessible to all participants. Sensor owners receive PLANET tokens, an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA), in exchange for contributing data to the repository.

PlanetWatch is going live on Algorand MainNet! 🚀

Latest News

Jan 24, 2020

Research Firm and Environmental Watch Dog Test World’s First Air Quality Ledger

Feb 3, 2020
Enterprise Times

PlanetWatch, Algorand, blockchain and global air quality monitoring

May 16, 2020
ICO Examiner

Algorand blockchain air quality project attracts investment

Algorand Platform Announces its First Major Environmental Use Case: PlanetWatch Global Air Quality Monitoring

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