Dec 14, 2020

Algorand’s Global Partner Program Announces Additional Participants to Accelerate Development and Adoption of Blockchain-powered Solutions

By: Algorand

December 14, 2020 – Following on the recent launch of the Algorand Partner Program (APP) last month, we are excited to welcome Blockchain Australia Solutions, EMGS Group, Euranet, IBF DigiLabs, and Ulam Labs as new participants. Designed to build and curate a partner ecosystem that enables and delivers Algorand-based products to market faster, easier, and with end users in mind, the APP was designed to meet the growing demand for Algorand-based solutions. 

APP participants differentiate their services and expand their business in the private and public sector with organizations at different stages of their blockchain journey: from those exploring blockchain’s potential to those already working on blockchain projects.

Algorand's program participants benefit from unique access to resources and support in building and delivering their Algorand-based offering. Algorand also provides access to the exponentially growing market of organizations seeking resources to develop or adopt Algorand-based solutions. 

Today’s new participants: 

  • Blockchain Australia Solutions: Australia's Pioneer Consulting and Development firm of Industry 4.0 based Technologies & Solutions, specializing in "Concept to Market Ready" strategies 
  • EMGS Group: A multinational IT and consulting company with strong presence in the middle east providing blockchain consultants and developers to help building end to end solutions.
  • Euranet: A consulting and technology company specialized in compliance management, provider of ChoralChain, a SaaS supply chain traceability solution based on Algorand’s technology.
  • IBF DigiLabs: An initiative of IBF Net (The Islamic Business and Finance Network) to leverage research and technology for a halal ecosystem.
  • Ulam Labs: A software development company of Python and Blockchain experts delivering powerful products and services to the FinTech and Crypto sectors.

We plan to expand this program, adding more partners globally to facilitate integrations with enterprise, governments, and financial institutions that leverage Algorand blockchain. We anticipate that additional partners will include select consulting firms, system integrators, software development firms, infrastructure and complementary service providers, which provide the capabilities to enable and ensure success of Algorand’s adoption. 

For more information on working with one of our partner program participants or to apply to the program, please visit

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