Apr 14, 2020

Algorand Launches New Developer Portal

By: Liz Baran

Algorand Developer Portal New Content Libraries

With more and more DeFi organizations, enterprises, and governments turning to Algorand’s technology for next generation applications, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Algorand Developer Portal. This is a place where developers can find all the resources they need to turn their ideas into full-scale applications.

New types of content for developers

Featured in this launch is a new, enhanced experience and the introduction of three new types of content for developers: 

  • Tutorials: Step-by-step guides for specific code patterns on Algorand, like creating an account or transferring an asset.
  • Solutions: Real use cases on Algorand with code samples and explanations.
  • Articles: Blog-like posts that highlight new feature releases, interesting op-eds, and other developer-related news and events.

These new content libraries complement our Developer Docs, which continue to serve as our core technical documentation. 

We hope that these resources give developers of all languages (Python, JavaScript, Java and Go) a comprehensive library of knowledge that they can mix and match to suit their individual needs and goals. Read More.

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