Jun 20, 2018

Algorand Testnet Launch

By: David Shoots

Algorand TestNet - CLI
Algorand Testnet CLI

The Algorand Team is excited to announce the launch of our testnet, along with an invite program for community members to preview the technology and help us with this testing phase. We have been working hard building our blockchain technology, and will be granting access to initial participants soon. We are anxious to see how all of you will use Algorand’s unique elements to deliver amazing Dapps and financial tools for your users.

As we steam ahead towards release, we feel that being as transparent as possible is critical to optimizing the value of our testnet for us and our community. The purpose of this release is to collect system data on the consensus protocol under more dynamic conditions and at a larger scale than we can sustain internally. That’s right, we need you to help us generate telemetry data that we can analyze and feed back into our development. We also want your feedback on everything related to the testnet experience.

We’re also working to provide some novel ways for participants to engage with the testnet and monitor the network’s activity with our dashboard. There will be no persistence guarantees and tokens in the test network will not be transferable to the mainnet in any way. We expect we’ll need to regenerate the genesis block and reset the test network periodically. We’ll let you know before we do things like that.

And because we know you will ask…the release of our open source code will be timed to coincide with the availability of our official mainnet.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are! Come sign up at our website to give our system a test drive. People who join and interact with the network will be provided additional invites. Once you do submit an invite request, please be patient, and we’ll have further updates for you soon!