Jun 16, 2020

Algorand Upgrades Protocol with Improved Indexer and API

By: Algorand

Today, Algorand announced two enhancements, a fully redesigned indexer and refreshed APIs, that directly improve developer and service provider experience. 

The redesigned indexer is highly performant at scale, provides computed data such as balances at specific rounds, historic searches, paginated results, and note field searching. The indexer can be run entirely independently from an Algorand node. The refreshed API includes more data, cleaner organization, and pairs with updated SDKs for simpler and more efficient data retrieval.

Algorand continues to evolve

"The updates to the Algorand Indexer and API are a testament to Algorand’s dedication in continually evolving the technology to make it easy and simple to build on and support the blockchain network," said Tim Baldwin from PureStake. "We have been using this in BetaNet and have been very impressed with its effectiveness in node catch up, organization, and overall efficiency for our infrastructure and API services."

The update comes as Algorand MainNet approaches its first full year running with zero downtime and regular quarterly protocol upgrades. Full documentation on the release can be found here

Updated Algorand Indexer

Algorand’s combination of high transaction throughput and fast block times means interacting with on-chain data quickly and efficiently is critical for application developers and ecosystem service providers.  Algorand’s redesigned indexer is purpose-built to support these use cases and also provides tangible benefits in the form of reduced work for developers by providing computed data and multiple deployment options and horizontal scalability to fit the needs of service providers.

The Indexer now supports searching for transactions, accounts, assets, and blocks. In addition, these searches can be refined using parameters that allow searching based on transaction and balance amounts, time-based searches, round-based searches and transaction type searches, and signature searches. For more information on the Indexer, please visit

Updated Algorand API

As Algorand’s adoption momentum increases across a variety of use cases in defi, openfi, traditional finance, public sector, and beyond, the Algorand team is focused on providing comprehensive developer tooling that is consistent and modern. The new API, which provides cleaner organization and is architected for federated result searching, will open a wider feature set and lay the groundwork for upcoming releases and upgrades of the protocol.