Feb 04, 2021

Algorand's Dev Rel Team at Coding Bootcamps In Washington

By: Russ Fustino

Critical in bringing to life a healthy ecosystem are tools and enablement programs that open the doors for developers to easily create innovative new solutions that are more efficient, inclusive, and solve real world problems.

Blockchain - Next Generation Tools for Developers

Here at Algorand, we are focused on creating simple developer experiences that lower the barriers for those who want to develop new products, tools and services. We have a growing community of developers and programs that we are excited to welcome new entrants to!

This is why I am pleased to share that we will be collaborating with Coding Bootcamps for a series of live events focused on blockchain development. Coding Bootcamps have over 4,000 members across these Meetup groups:

If you are local to Washington DC, we encourage you to join us! Even if you are not, join us to learn how to get started on a platform that was built for the future of finance and beyond.

Why Algorand?

When it comes to digital transformation, large enterprises hold blockchain technology in high regard as it offers a new set of features, solutions and opportunities.

As developers have started exploring and harnessing its power, the choice of platform plays an important role in their development path. Algorand empowers developers and enables building next-gen, sophisticated decentralized applications (Dapps). Using Algorand, Blocks are generated in under 5 seconds with minimal compute power and the Algorand blockchain scales to billions of users.

Introducing: Blockchain for Javascript Developers Workshop - February 10th, 2021

Want to know the latest in blockchain dev development? Or why Algorand is an industry leader on developer tools to build blockchain solutions?

In my live sessions you will learn:

  • How to build blockchain solutions in Java or JavaScript.
  • How-to access tools for Getting Started on Algorand development.
  • How to access developer portal resources including, SDKs, REST APIs, Command Line Tools, Tutorials, Solutions, Getting Started, Articles and...
  • Benefits of Algorand’s Reward and Ambassador programs.

See you there!

Russ Fustino

Russ is Developer Advocate on Blockchain for Algorand and a Microsoft MVP reconnect in App Development. Russ is a former Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, as well as for Russ’ ToolShed, Xamarin, Raygun, Wowza & ComponentOne. Russ is a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer software developer and author of the book “Azure and Xamarin Forms” published by Apress. He has a passion for conveying relevant, current, and future software development technologies and tools through live seminars, teaching, and internet video productions. Russ has enlightened, entertained and educated over 1 million developers in his career and is a recipient of the INETA Lifetime Achievement award and is the publisher of several apps including the endorsed Jethro Tull app.