Nov 12, 2021

LiquidVineyards Announces it will Leverage the Algorand Blockchain to Disrupt the Global Wine Market

By: LiquidVineyards

LiquidVineyards is pleased to announce it has selected Algorand, the leader in green blockchain technology, to power its platform for managing the Digital Rights of wine and vineyards. LiquidVineyards’ Blockchain-based Exchange will connect investors and wine producers, enabling anyone with a dream of owning their own vineyard to purchase the rights to their own vines from an increasing inventory of varietals around the world, and to the wine they produce. 

This unique approach to the global wine market bypasses the traditional 3-tier distribution system, creating a new cost-effective solution for both producers and consumers. In the LiquidVineyards exchange, wine producers can gain access to direct financing, while buyers gain exclusive access to wineries, a front-seat to wine production, and unprecedented access to invest in wineries--a previously hard-to-find and often undervalued asset. 

LiquidVineyards has chosen to build its exchange on Algorand technology for its speed and scalability, and most importantly, for its environmentally-friendly approach. Digital asset creation and transactions on Algorand result in magnitudes less CO2 emissions than other blockchains, with initial analysis demonstrating around 2 million times less. The technology is computationally lightweight to begin with, and any remaining energy usage is offset through the purchase of carbon credits via ClimateTrade. 

“Sustainability at the farm and vineyard level is built into the LiquidVineyards platform,” said CEO Luigi Boschin.  “It makes perfect sense to extend our sustainability commitment to the technology that powers LiquidVineyards, and Algorand is an ideal partner for that.” 

LiquidVineyards top management will be attending Decipher, the Algorand community conference in Miami on November 29-30, 2021.

Stay tuned for additional exciting developments regarding LiquidVineyards patented Digital Rights Exchange and 5G platform, which will disrupt the traditional classification, ownership and distribution of wine in ways that directly benefit consumers and investors.