Feb 11, 2021

Report: Blockchain in the Latin American Financial Sector

By: Algorand

We recently partnered with Finnovista, the leading innovation and venture development firm, for an in-depth look at the state of blockchain in Latin America.

Latin American countries already have some of the highest rates of adoption of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, which are among the first and most recognized implementations of blockchain technology so far.

Through surveys, interviews and additional research, this 30-page report explores the current state and future opportunity that presents itself in Latin America and it's perception within the financial sector specifically, as this is where most of the activity currently lies, and where most of the benefits will be realized in the short-term.

Some of the findings in this report include:

  • Primary blockchain use cases for financial institutions
  • Why and how financial institutions use blockchain
  • Barriers to adoption
  • The most commonly used blockchains by Fintechs
  • Respondents views on openness of regulators
  • How blockchain companies are managing regulation
  • Example innovators in the space

Blockchain adoption continues and fundamentally reshapes LATAM's financial services industry and the communities it serves. We at Algorand are thrilled to be a part of the growing innovation in this part of the world.

Download Blockchain in the Latin American Financial Sector