Oct 29, 2020

Webinar: How to Build Blockchain Apps on Algorand

By: Shamir Ozery

Join our Dapp Building Webinar!

Want to learn how to get started building sophisticated blockchain applications— for use cases like crowdfunding, asset tokenization, gaming applications and more?

We’re excited to invite you to our LIVE Webinar featuring an introductory level tutorial and Q&A led by our Developer Relations team.

Webinar is scheduled for November 17th, 8am EDT - you can sign up here.

For Enterprise & Blockchain Developers from all over the world

Our goal is to demonstrate just how easy it is to get started building on Algorand and have this webinar serve as an easy first step for developers into the Algorand ecosystem.

Russ Fustino and Jason Weathersby from our Developer Relations team will present some of the top use cases and opportunities we’re seeing in the space, including Asset Tokenization, Crowdfunding, Supply Chain Management & Gaming Applications.

They will cover some of Algorand’s basic features and capabilities including Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC1s), Standard Assets (ASAs), Atomic Transfers and share how these and other tools can be combined and used towards building advanced applications.

You will learn how to get started with command line tools and use the SDKs & REST APIs

By joining you will also get a sneak-peak into grants and funding opportunities for your project - the Algorand Foundation’s 50 million ALGO grants program, as well as the Algorand Europe Accelerator and Asia Accelerator.

In summary, if you...

  •  Are currently building on a blockchain protocol that has unfeasibly high and/or unpredictable transactions fees and doesn’t provide the speed you need...
  • Work for a large enterprise or financial institution and are interested in learning how to build applications that can integrate with your current technology stack...
  • Have no blockchain development experience and are just looking to take that first step and learn something new...

This webinar could be for you!