Our Services

We are the world’s most accomplished blockchain experts spanning engineering, cryptography, research, and design. Working with us, you can access a range of services that will address your specific blockchain needs.

Together, we can harness the unique technologies that have made Algorand an industry leader, and help you to launch your own permissioned chain or develop other blockchain-based solutions.


Phase 1: Consultation & Plan Design

Let us know your organization’s blockchain objectives, your performance and security requirements, and the computational resources you may already have in place. Then we’ll work with your team to create a platform recommendation plan that addresses your specific needs. 

Phase 2: Build & Deploy

Once the plan is agreed upon, we’ll develop the solution that is right for you, help you to deploy it, stress test it, and then finally go live.

Phase 3: Platform Maintenance 

We will periodically review and test your platform, identifying and fixing any bugs that may arise, and make recommendations for possible improvements.

Phase 4: Novel Innovations 

Any successful platform requires continuous innovation. If you want, we will recommend novel technologies that could benefit your business, and of course build them for you.


Permissioned chains are important because for some organizations external visibility of their transactions is not an option. This is due to proprietary, privacy and regulatory concerns. Permissioned chains enable stakeholders to control who can access their network, what data they can view, and how they can transact on the system. These chains provide greater internal transparency, security, and transactional capabilities than traditional databases, without the privacy concerns associated with public blockchains.  

You have decided to set up your permissioned chain. Congratulations. Now you need to choose a blockchain technology among the many available. 


  • scalability, security, and cost efficiency are critical to your needs; 
  • you prefer instant finality over prolonged uncertainty;
  • you prefer guaranteed chain uniqueness over forks;
  • you prefer single-transaction smart contracts over multi-step, multi-block ones;


  • you have a clear choice: launching a permissioned version of Algorand.  

We are ready to help you launch the best permissioned chain.