Why Build on Algorand

There are a lot of blockchain platforms available today, but blockchain still hasn’t been widely adopted. Why? Because the technology has been inadequate, unable to achieve simultaneous decentralization, security, and scalability—until now. Algorand’s pure proof-of-stake protocol is setting a new standard for blockchain.

10,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS)

With point-of-sale speed on par with large payment and financial networks, Algorand scales to billions of transactions with ease.  

<3.4 Second Block Latency

In Algorand, blocks are finalized in under 3.4 seconds—delivering the optimal experience for your end users. 

Immediate Transaction Finality

The Algorand blockchain never forks, which means all transactions are final. Once a block appears, the transactions it contains can immediately be relied upon.

Runtime Verification, a company with deep runtime verification expertise, has formally verified that the Algorand protocol is mathematically guaranteed not to fork.

Comprehensive Developer Tools

Algorand has been developer-focused since day one. Developers can write smart contracts in Python and can use one of four SDKs (Python, JavaScript, Golang, Java) to connect to on-chain assets or applications.

Fully Decentralized

Algorand is decentralized by design in both its node distribution and voting power. 

  • Diverse global nodes run by:
  • Universities
  • Non-profits
  • Research institutions
  • Cutting-edge organizations
  • Investors

Pure Proof-of-Stake Consensus Protocol = Unique and Random Committees for Block Certification, No Central Authority

Low Transaction Costs 

With low transaction fees, Algorand reduces your cost structure and offers significant savings over time compared to other blockchains. 

The Algorand team and ecosystem

Algorand is an open source platform with an accessible team of world-renowned experts actively developing and improving Algorand’s core protocol.

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